China's White Marble Resources (b)

- Sep 19, 2017 -

 Resource distribution

China's white marble rich in resources, has formed several famous mining area: Sichuan Baoxing "Oriental white", "Baoxing white", Yunnan "White Begonia", estuary "snow white" as the representative of the Southwest mining area; Quyang "Quyang Jade "," snow white ", Fangshan" white marble "as the representative of the North China mining area; Laizhou" snow white ", Ganyu" snow white "as the representative of the East China mining area. In addition to Shanghai, Chongqing, Qinghai, Tibet and other provinces and cities have not been reported, the country's 27 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions have been found or mining white series of marble mine about 192, in the marble series occupies a large proportion.

      Major varieties in the west

In 1998, Quanzhou first "China famous stone varieties" appraisal meeting, a total of seven kinds of white series of marble was named "Chinese stone special varieties", they are Beijing Fangshan Gaozhuang "white marble", Shandong Laizhou "snow white", Sichuan Baoxing "Baoxing white", "blue and white", Sichuan Xiao Jinshan "Shu Jinbai", Yunnan estuary "snow white", Yunnan Luliang "White Begonia", of which the western accounted for more than 70%. The famous varieties are Hebei Quyang "Quyang jade", "snow white", Jiangsu Ganyu "snow white", Yunnan Dali "pale jade", Yunnan Fu Gong "Fu Gong white" and so on.

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