China White Marble Resources Profile (a)

- Sep 19, 2017 -

White series in the natural marble varieties occupy a more important position, no matter how the stone flow color changes, white is always one of the people's favorite color. China's white marble in the international enjoy a certain position, the famous varieties of Shandong Laizhou "snow white", Beijing Fangshan "white marble", Hebei "Quyang jade", Sichuan "Baoxing white", "Oriental white" and so on. In recent years, high-grade building lobby popular white, yellow, green marble combination decoration, decorative effect magnificent, elegant. White marble is mainly used for important building interior decoration and bar, bathroom decoration, stone, stone crafts are good raw materials. Marble radioactive index is low, far lower than the "natural stone products, radioactive protection classification control standards" (JC518-93) A class of products control radioactive indicators, can be used for indoor decoration, its use is not restricted.

Rock characteristics

White marble is made of dolomite and marble. Dolomite for the sea, lagoon facies sedimentary rocks, marble is made of limestone, dolomite deterioration.


Dolomite is a marine, lacustrine sedimentary rock, mainly by the dolomitic minerals Ca, MgO up to about 20%. Dolomite often contains calcareous mixture, as dolomite crystal cement, there are a small amount of secondary minerals. Dolomites are generally white, gray, gray and other colors, mainly for the fine grain structure, sometimes in the coarse grain structure, block structure. The dolomite deposits are generally layered and huge lens, with a bulk density of 2.8 ~ 2.9g / cm3, compressive strength of 65 ~ 110MPa, water absorption of 0.04% ~ 1.4%.

     White dolomite marble is white, egg blue dolomite, widely distributed in China, such as Beijing Fangshan "white marble", Yunnan Dali "pale jade". Dolomite structure evenly, and some have a beautiful landscape pattern, high gloss, decorative performance, often as a high-grade interior trim stone.


Dali is a carbonate rock in the volcanic eruption of high temperature, high pressure, the recrystallization and the formation of all-crystal metamorphic rocks, mainly composed of calcite and dolomite. Pure marble is relatively rare, often in the marble contains a considerable amount of other minerals. Due to the formation of marble and the formation of different conditions, the marble in the secondary mineral composition changes greatly, the particle structure is not the same, thus forming a wide variety of marble. According to the causes of marble, can be divided into regional metamorphic rocks, metamorphic rocks and hydrothermal metamorphic rocks. White marble is a metamorphic rock and metamorphic rock.

Regional metamorphic marble ore body is generally a huge layer, sometimes like a layer, large lenticular. The whole ore body in a considerable range of structural structure, mineral composition, grain size and production are more stable, the color pattern is also little change. The parallel arrangement of calcite in the ore body enhances the translucency, and the general ore body has a layered joint.

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