Circular Saw And Beaded Wire Saw Mining Process

- Nov 13, 2017 -

     In the daimond tools of mining or cutting stones,we can use machines and equipments,and circular saw mining method first appeared in granite mines was in Fujian Province, the circular saw directly to the ore body sawing was perpendicular to the vertical plane cutting, the use of artificial wedge split stone level separation is a semi-mechanical Mining method. If using a beaded saw to separate the bottom of the stone from the ore body, the circular saw is still used to separate the vertical surface of the cut stone to make up for the defects that the artificial split can not control the evenness of the separation surface and obtain a flat stone separation level, which is one A method of full sawing granite mining. The use of artificial separation of good cleavage of granite ore, the level of the bottom surface roughness are generally greater than 30cm; and beaded saw cutting level of flatness and stone splitting has nothing to do with the sawing area size and sawing process Related, usually 100m2 sawing plane roughness is generally less than l0cm.

        Circular Saw and Bead Saw Combination The key issue when mining granite is the size of the horizontal saw area. As long as the mining face is sufficiently large, the vertical length of the circular saw cut ore body is generally unrestricted, The longer the better, generally tens of hundreds of meters, and sometimes even more than 100 meters, the area between the two saw kerfs may reach more than 200m2. With the circular saw mining, such a large horizontal area cutting will not be confused with the difficulty of cross-hole depth constraints. You can adjust the size of the separation of the stone, the use of circular saw saw kerf relatively large feature to solve the horizontal hole intersection difficulty of the hole. Using a 4.2m diameter saw blade, the maximum depth of cut reached 1.8m, the depth of the separation (blade cutting depth) as the height of the block (block and the main section of the plate), the pitch of the vertical saw kerf as a block Length or thickness dimension. And the production of circular disc saw plate diameter 3.5 or 4.2m saw blade substrate thickness is generally 12mm, the blade thickness 14mm, the minimum width of the final saw kerf in more than 15mm, if it is the old substrate or homemade matrix saw blade, plus Saw on the swing, saw the maximum width of the seam may reach 20mm. Such a wide kerf can accommodate beaded ropes up to 12mm in diameter so that a vertical kerf of a circular saw can be used like a kerf of a marble arm saw machine.

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