Common Plasma Cutting Machine Arc Instability Failure Detailed Explanation

- Jul 31, 2017 -

When the plasma cutting machine is working, if the working pressure is much lower than the pressure required by the manual, it means that the jetting speed of the plasma arc is weakened and the input air flow rate is less than the specified value. At this time, a high energy, Resulting in poor quality of incision, cut through, the phenomenon of incision tumor. The reasons for lack of air pressure are: air compressor input air shortage, cutting machine air regulator valve pressure is too low, there are oil in the solenoid valve, air is not smooth and so on.

The solution is to observe the air compressor output pressure before use, if not meet the requirements, adjust the pressure or repair air compressor. If the input pressure has reached the requirements, should check the air filter pressure regulator is correct, gauge pressure can meet the cutting requirements. Otherwise the air filter pressure valve should be routine maintenance, to ensure that the input air dry, no oil. If the input air quality is poor, will cause the solenoid valve to produce oil, spool open difficult, the valve port can not be fully open. In addition, the torch nozzle pressure is too low, need to replace the solenoid valve; airway cross-section will also cause the air pressure is too low, according to the instructions required to replace the trachea.

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