Concrete Cutting Machine And Safety Construction Measures

- Dec 25, 2017 -

Diamond hydraulic rope saw cutting machine(cutting machine for metal), hydraulic saw cutting machine (also known as hydraulic wall saw cutting machine), electric wall saw cutting machine, handheld chain saw cutting machine, road cutting machine, large road cutting machine, drilling equipment, Water cutting machine (also known as high-pressure water gun cutting machine: Due to the high cost and construction, the current market has not yet been extensive use) and other equipment for cutting reinforced concrete.

1, Before starting, should check the motor, cable is normal, protective grounding, protective devices, saw blades meet the requirements, the installation is correct.

2, After start, no-load operation, check the direction of the saw blade and the lifting is flexible, the operation is abnormal, all normal before operation.

3, Cutting thickness should not exceed the mechanical factory rules.

4, To ensure that the saw blade, wire saw not be stuck

5, in the operations of cutting concrete , if there is abnormal sound, should immediately stop checking, troubleshooting, can continue their homework.

6, the size of concrete blocks should be calculated strictly.

7, after the operation, should clean the fuselage, dry blade saw wire saw, drain the water tank, retrieve the cable, and stored in a dry, ventilated place.

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