Cutting Machine Manufacturer Technology Continues To Improve And Progress

- Sep 05, 2017 -

In recent years,cutting machine manufacturer technology continues to improve and progress.The domestic manufacturers of diamond beads quality and technology is steadily improving, has reached or close to the advanced the level of similar products imported. Its main performance in the following areas:

Firstly, the improvement of the quality of wire saw.Due to the widespread use of imported high-quality wire rope to solve the problem of broken wire rope, directly improve the durability of the bead rope.

Secondly, the bead spacing to maintain the quality of the material to enhance, and now widely used high-strength plastic, rubber, making beads and rope with a more solid, to solve the loose beads, channeling beads and other issues, making the quality of beaded rope greatly improved.

Thirdly, the quality of diamond beads to improve. Whether it is electroplated or sintered bead, whether in cutting marble or cutting granite, its stability, wear resistance has been greatly improved, greatly improving the life of the bead rope. Now the diamond wire saw machine has developed a lot of stone machinery types, such as marble mine wire (spring or rubber fixed), granite mine wire (rubber fixed), multi-wire saw (plastic fixed,for granite slabs cutting) And other types of products in accordance with the special needs of customers to develop different cutting programs.

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