Diamond Material

- Dec 20, 2017 -

Diamond is a crystalline form of carbon, a polymorphic variant that generally contains small amounts of impurities of different chemical composition; diamond is the hardest of all substances known to date. Diamonds can occur in the natural form of primary ore and sand and can also be synthetically synthesized using carbonaceous materials.  

  1.Crystal Clear and impurities-free transparent crystal is called gem diamond (diamond), it is mainly used for decoration, which accounts for 10% -15% of natural diamonds, usually several hundred times more expensive than gold.

   2, the internal crystal defects (such as inclusions, spots, cracks), or containing a small amount of other elements so that the internal crystal defect-free but the color of the diamond is not ideal for industrial grade diamond, which is used to make diamond tools(like diamond saw,diamond blades). Knives are generally made of high quality industrial diamond as raw material.

        3, artificial crystal Its basic properties and natural single crystal similar, at present, only because of its poor product quality and stability problems, and the same high cost of physical materials than natural diamond, which restricts its extensive use of the tool .

        4, synthetic diamond polycrystalline (PCD) is composed of many diamond particles, and diamond as the main ingredient, commonly known as polycrystalline or polycrystalline. Composite film is a polycrystalline diamond polycrystalline carbide body to a super-hard material, which combines the high hardness of diamond and cemented carbide high-strength in one, at the same time with the characteristics of welding and polycrystalline diamond.

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