Diamond Rope Sawing Machine In The Process Of Using Precautions

- Dec 11, 2017 -

1. Be sure to turn off the power supply before turning on the main power of the sawing machine.

2. When adjusting the left and right position and direction of the driving flywheel, you must see whether there is any obstacle in the surroundings or whether it will touch other parts of the cutter equipment. Drive flywheel adjusted to the end of the position should be immediately stopped to adjust, so as not to damage the screw nut or burn the motor winding. It is highly recommended not to adjust the drive flywheel to the left and right end positions. Do not rotate the flywheel in the upright position as this may distort the main motor cable.

3. During the cutting to always check the cooling water supply, in the event of cooling water supply is not in place, should immediately stop cutting, to avoid damage Beaded rope.

4. It is forbidden to carry out sawing work when the power is out of phase.

5 wire saw cutting machine separation, must follow the principle of cutting the vertical plane after cutting the horizontal plane. In the horizontal plane cutting process, the wedges should be added to the kerfs which have been finished cutting in time to prevent the local crashes of the rocks from pressing on the beaded rope, causing the beaded rope to be scrapped and accidentally inserted into the vertical kerf when necessary, Support the separation body.

5.The rope saw can not adjust the position of the driving flywheel during the normal sawing operation. The sawing operation can not be performed while adjusting the position of the driving flywheel.

7. In severe weather such as thunderstorms or heavy rain, sawing operation should be stopped as soon as possible, and all switches should be closed in time. If necessary, remove the unit to a safe place to avoid any danger.

8. Be sure to turn off the power and all switches after the cutting operation or before leaving get off work.

9 work found that the device shell live, you must immediately stop checking, troubleshooting, before the boot!

10. Regularly check the lines, terminals, plug connectors, problems should take immediate measures to ensure the normal operation of equipment. 11. Immediately press the "emergency stop button" of the control panel when an emergency occurs during the operation of the device! In the case of ensuring safety, reset the "emergency button"!

12. Non-professionals are forbidden to modify the parameters already set in the inverter.

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