Diamond Saw Blade Specifications

- Dec 07, 2017 -

At present, the domestic stone processing blade substrate size is usually 105--3500mm (the largest foreign country saw blade specifications for the 5000mm.) Among them, the following 250mm saw blade is mainly used in hand-held, semi-professional cutting machine for decoration, Processing; P350-500mm Specifications According to the film is mainly used for semi-finished sheet metal construction materials into the work slot (broken); 600-900mm Specifications The film is mainly used for similar tombstone, tombstone thicker slate (column) forming sawing .1000mm above specifications saw blade is mainly used for the block sawing timber (plate) processing, especially in the case of the most commonly used 1600mm saw blade.

Generally known as 250mm diameter circular saw blade is a small diameter saw blade, suitable for cutting marble, granite, ceramic tile, concrete, decorative materials and building fly-breaking slotting, etc., with cutting fast, , Wear-resistant and other characteristics, can be used to dry cut and wet cut two types.

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