Diamond Wire Saw Cooling Technology

- Dec 20, 2017 -

We know that when diamond wire rope saw cutting stone, cutting metal and other materials, the wire saw and the cutting parts due to friction to produce high temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to directly cool the water supply with 0.2MPa pressure, how to use the less cooling water to fully cool the cutting site and remove the chips. Today we will talk about the cooling technology of diamond beaded rope.

    First, the cooling technology points

1. In the process of wire saw cutting, every cutting 0.2 ~ 2m length, to 4 ~ 100kg / cm3 water pressure to the cutting part of the fluid to be cooled once, and remove the chip, so that the wire saw and cut between the generated parts Frictional heat is cooled by the fluid itself and by the fluid stream, and the swarf is also rapidly flown away from the cutting area by the kinetic energy of the fluid and fluid flow so that the cutting area is always exposed and free from the influence of the swarf.

2. Fluid along the rope saw moving direction to be cut by the cutting tool cutting angle 2 ~ 450 angle, which allows fluid kinetic energy directly to the chip, easy to remove the chip.

3. The fluid should be in the range of 1 ~ 250C , which helps the fluid's own cooling capacity directly affect the frictional heat.

Second, the cooling device structure

The picture shows the cooling device diagram. The unit has a reservoir. The cistern is equipped with a water supply pipe. The water in the cistern is controlled by the float valve of the water supply pipe. A high-pressure pump is installed beside the water tank, a total water pipe is connected to the water supply end of the pump, and several high-pressure hoses with nozzles are inserted on the pipe. The number of nozzle increases or decreases as needed, but also depending on the size of the material to be cut to 0.2 ~ 2m for the arbitrary setting. High-pressure pump can be used multi-stage vortex pump, piston pump, the hydraulic pressure control in the range of 4 ~ 100kg / m2 .


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