Diamond Wire Saw Products Application In The Construction, Machining And Other Industries

- Sep 15, 2017 -

The success of the diamond wire saw with beads in the field of construction has broadened its application. As the string of wire saw the flexibility, flexible, easy to install on-site installation, no dust, low noise, high efficiency and environmental protection, making it the preferred tool for green demolition. In the Three Gorges reservoir area heritage conservation relocation project, beaded wire saw with its perfect clone relocation masterpiece once again to show the world its magical performance. In addition, in recent years there have been new applications to try, such as the use of beaded wire sawing metal components and glass and other hard and brittle materials. Guilin Sanshan Superhard Material Co., Ltd. has some concrete wire saw product specially in cut metal parts and large steel plate, which can cut steel components, reinforced concrete, shipwreck, large building, cable, bridge and so on. Welcome customers to visit our home page:http://www.ss-diamondwire.com 


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