Egyptian Stone Resources Is Rich

- Sep 15, 2017 -

Egyptian marble is very famous in the world, the annual Xiamen stone exhibition show a lot of excellent varieties.In recent years,the rapid development of the Egyptian stone industry aroused great concern of the world's stone industry once again.

Marble varieties: Egyptian marble is world famous, has many excellent varieties, especially the current stone color is yellow (beige),they are very expensive.And Egypt's main marble varieties are mainly beige,stone blocks are of good characteristics and quality, but also for the people touted. Egyptian main marble varieties are resplendent, shady, gold beige, steel beige, Billy Gorge, Sinai pearls, Alabastier, gold beige, rose silk, Jade Emperor pearl, Sahara beige, Jade Beige, gold Silk beige, new sago, etc.,they are well-known and very wide range of applications of stone varieties.

Granite excellent varieties are lake yellow, lake red, tearful white, Aswan red, Schalmu, royal, Will and the Arabian jade, Suez green and so on.

We have block cutting wire saw and diamond wire saw beads that specializes in cutting marble and granite,they have advantage as follow: Good performance for cutting big-size blocks without inner break; No vibration while cutting;Low noise; Excellent precision;High cutting speed; Energy consumption reduced to the minimum.

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