Factors that Affect the Cutting Effect

- Jul 31, 2017 -

The specimen is changed from the original pressing method to the bolt connection method. PMMA temperature were considered at room temperature C, respectively, size 1407mm, HNSII were filled with 15 kinds of specifications, each specification repeated three times, completed a total of 45 experiments.

Experimental results and analysis of explosion methods and processes are the same as the first round of experiments. Shows the temperature of 20C, charge line density of 0.7g / m, three different specimens of the explosion process. From the figure you can clearly see that the plexiglass surface is basically intact, damage from the back, with a certain degree of crack depth (cutting depth).

Explosive cutting PMMA process in order to further determine the specimen temperature and size and other factors on the cutting effect. The effects of two kinds of specimens on cutting depth at different temperatures were given. It can be seen that the cutting depth of PMMA decreases slightly with the increase of temperature for the first and second types of specimen, under the same charge. This is mainly due to the PMMA temperature rise, yield stress and strength limit is significantly reduced, the structure of the carrying capacity is reduced.

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