Horizontal Cutting Method Of Wire Saw For Cutting Overpass Of Cities

- Nov 08, 2017 -

With the rapid development of economy in our country, many existing overpasses of cities are no longer able to meet the increasingly heavy traffic demand and need to be demolished and rebuilt. However, in most cases, it is not suitable to demolish blasting and mechanical crushing in place. In this paper, we are described an urban overpass project as example, the application of wire saw cutting technology in the demolition of urban overpasses .

      Wire saw cutting demolition process is the reverse of the new bridge construction process, carried out from top to bottom, and requires some diamond concrete products. The process principle is to be demolished under the bridge to erected a hole-type bracket platform or full-type bracket platform, bearing the weight of the upper beam structure, the use of diamond wire saw overpass in accordance with a certain order cutting block, the large size Of the cast-in-place concrete beam body is divided into several small pieces, and finally hoist the bridge sub-block lifting loading and unloading, so as to achieve fast, safe and orderly demolition of urban overpass purpose. Diamond wire saw cutting is the use of high-hardness diamond wire saw grinding high-speed operation of reinforced concrete, and cooling water away concrete powder, forming a cutting surface to achieve the removal of reinforced concrete members of the split.

     Demolition of the upper structure depends on the diamond wire saw to be removed bridge beam body block cutting. Cutting can be used along the bridge to the block, when the partition to the web as the dividing line, the first anti-collision pier, flange plate, and then cutting the roof, floor, and finally cutting web; can also be used to cross the bridge to block, That is to say, along the bridge to a certain length, the roof, floor, web as a whole transverse cutting (for ease of lifting, the flange plate and anti-collision pier were cut off hoisting). As the lateral block to avoid the web may be rollover instability, the overall stability is good, the advantages of faster progress, so the project uses a horizontal cutting block method for cutting operations.

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