How Can You Do If The Bead In The Wire Saw Rotates When Cut In Stone?

- Sep 11, 2017 -

In the process of the use of diamond rope saw,the fixed material can not firmly fixed beaded,so that the bead around the wire rope and along the wire rope to move,so that part of the bead spacing changes, or even phase.How to do if the bead in the wire saw rotates when cut in stone ?

Analysis of Beaded Rotation:

Beaded rotation is generally due to the reasons for the producers, rubber vulcanization or injection molding process control caused by lax. And beaded in addition to the above reasons as follow:

①  The amount of knife is too large;

② When the wire saw broken, the rope saw into the machine flywheel or encounter other obstacles;

③ other non-normal external force, for example: rope saw before the shutdown, was sandwiched or pressed.

The solution about the  rotation of wire saw bead:

① stable injection or curing quality;

② Use correctly;

③ reduce the amount of knife.

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