How To Connect Cutting Concrete Slab Diamond Wire Saw?

- Sep 11, 2017 -

How to connect cutting concrete slab diamond wire saw?Diamond rope saw is a high energy efficient stone equipment, it has a wide range of use in the industry.Diamond string saws should be connected to a closed loop before use. So how to connect the wire saw as to the customer? Many customers don’t understand clearly.The method and procedure are as follows:

1.Two bare wire saw length = joint length.

2. The two exposed wire rope into the steel joints, joints and adjacent springs should be no gap.

3. The use of diamond beads rope saw special buckle clamp, the buckle will be fastened. In the middle of the joint, the middle part of the joint is placed in the buckle with the buckle, and the pressure is pressed once every 90 °. Then, the ends of the joint are placed in the buckle clamp. Then, the middle part of the joint is placed in the buckle.

4.Check the joints after press the joint, remove clean the joint with the emery cloth and other burrs.

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