How To Maintain Travertine Tiles

- Oct 20, 2017 -

 In the kitchen and bathroom to travertine tiles is a good choice, of course it can also be used anywhere in the home. The travertine is a natural stone that offers a wide range of tools and methods for cutting travertine tile or travertine blocks. Travertine can match a lot of indoor color schemes, but this type of floor requires some special care, stone to prevent damage. What you need: Tile sealant, epoxy or cement step Step 1: When installing, ask the installer if it will be sealed as usual. If the installer does not seal, it is necessary to seal the lime as soon as possible during installation. Buy a commercially available tile sealant and follow the manufacturer's instructions. Step 2: Tiles start to wear when re-sealed. Sealed once a year, unless the travertine is installed in the high flow of people, or once a year is enough.Step 3: Pay attention to the vortex that appears on the tile surface. If the sealant is not uniform caused by the whirlpool, need to re-seal. If the cutting is caused by the whirlpool, it is necessary to polish the tile surface. Step four: with the color of the tile with the epoxy coated with vortex tiles. If the swirl is difficult to repair, use a colored filler. Step 5: Although all the holes in the lime before the tiles will be filled, but still have to look at the holes in the limestone on the hole. Found holes to be filled. Before the hole becomes larger, use epoxy, tile fill or mud to fill, otherwise it will be more difficult to repair. Choose a similar filler to reduce the traces of the hole. Step 6: Seal the filling section.

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