New Technology Of Diamond Wire Saw

- Dec 22, 2017 -

1 brazing technology

Injected diamond tool is a mixture of diamond particles and metal powder made of sintered special composite material. Diamond particles are generally distributed in a random distribution in the carcass. With the constant wear of the carcass, the diamond particles in the carcass continuously expose to each other and engrave the cut objects as the micro-cutting edges and continuously wear and tear themselves Fall off, continue to work in the form of relay, cycle back and forth and consumption is completed.Injected set with sintered beaded diamond in the distribution of the matrix are random, uneven spacing between the abrasive, and the carcass mainly by means of mechanical force on the diamond control, the diamond blade value is low, the cutting efficiency is low, Out of self-sharpening problems difficult to solve, can not play each of the role of diamond grinding, resulting in waste of raw materials. Diamond beaded "brazing" principle is the use of active elements (such as Ti, Cr, W, etc.) of the brazing material in the brazing process so that the active element and the diamond surface chemical reaction and the formation of a layer of carbide, with the help of The role of carbide layer, diamond, carcass (solder), the matrix can achieve a solid three chemical and metallurgical bonding.Domestic brazing beads mainly nickel-based or titanium-based solder, and then sintered under vacuum or argon atmosphere. At present, domestic enterprises mainly produce single-layer diamond brazing beads, multi-layer diamond brazing beads yet to be studied.

2 diamond orientation arrangement technology

Diamond in accordance with certain laws and orderly arrangement in the work of the face lip, diamond and diamond arrangement of the distance between the arrangement of rules are controllable, to meet the cutting requirements of different cutting objects, we will call this technology Oriented diamond technology.Methods to achieve an orderly arrangement of diamond template method, dispensing method, laser method. The latest practical method is to form the required regular arrangement of holes in the carcass cold forming process. The diameter of the holes is designed according to the coarsest grain size of the diamond coating. The machine is automatically cold-pressed and formed by the automatic cold press, The special equipment will fill the hole in the diamond, then cold pressure sintering. After the orderly arrangement of the diamonds on the working face of the beading, the cutting efficiency and the cutting life are greatly improved compared with the traditional beadings, and the utilization rate of the diamond is also greatly improvedfor cutter metal also has greatly improved.

3 integrated technology applications

In summary, the use of high-temperature brazing and diamond ordered manufacturing technology integrated production of beaded and impregnated sintered, plated beaded comparison has an incomparable advantage, especially in the application of small diameter beaded rope. Its main advantages are: ① diamond is exposed high, ordinary beaded diamond cutting edge height limit in the abrasive height of 1/3, while the brazing beaded cutting edge height of up to 2/3, with up to 70% to 80% Diamond bare height, greatly expanded chip space, not easy to chip jamming and lead to tool failure.② high cutting efficiency, brazing beaded cutting efficiency is 4 times the ordinary sintered beaded, its strong chemical metallurgical combination for high-efficiency grinding. ③ high utilization of diamonds, reduce the amount of diamonds in half, reducing costs, and sawing life equivalent to conventional beaded. The application of brazing technology to small diameter beads can produce very good results. If the diameter of the Injectedimpregnated beaded carcass is reduced, the characteristics of the multi-layered diamond are lost and the brazing technique can produce superior performance The specifications of the smaller diamond beaded.


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