Pay Special Attention to Operation of Diamond Wire Cutting Machine

- Aug 30, 2017 -

There is a certain safety factor to the operation of diamond wire cutting machine, so we must be more careful when we operating it.

1.Please be sure to seriously check the performance of cutting equipment ensure that the mechanical parts of the integrity before starting it.

2.The construction staff require careful inspection of the power switch knife knife, saw blade tightness, saw blade shield, safety baffle and so on.The console needs to be more stable, night work to have enough lighting brightness.Remember not working in the environment that the light is not clear.

3.The construction staff can first open the main switch before the start, make a no-load test a few laps, and confirm the security before they can start work.

   For our own safety, we must care for the rope saw machine operation, I hope you can pay more attention to operation of the wire saw machine.

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