Rock Drilling

- Dec 08, 2017 -

As the working principle of the wire saw is the wire saw driven by the wire saw machine and the stone to be mined for the wire cutting action to achieve the purpose of cutting, A common form of mining, for example, describes the method of drilling.

    1: Cut vertically

   In the figure, the white line is taken as the direction of the opening. A total of two openings are required, one is a vertical opening and the other is a horizontal opening. When the two openings are punched, the two openings are made to meet, Hole piercing.


    2: Cut horizontally

    As with vertical cutting, the horizontal white line is the direction of the hole, and the two horizontal holes intersect to form the hole. Then the saw is threaded through both holes to start cutting. However, in practice, the vertical hole and the two horizontal holes will be opened well in advance, and to ensure that the three holes meet together, and first began to cut horizontally. If the first vertical cut, until the vertical cut is completed, the horizontal cut will be due to the weight of the stone down, so you can not complete the horizontal cut, this has the following benefits: ① horizontal cut in the first, the vertical hole can be used as cooling water ② If the horizontal cut is completed, and then open the vertical hole, then it will increase the difficulty of wearing a vertical saw when cutting wire.



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