Technical Requirements Of Granite

- Nov 09, 2017 -

1.Industrial technology requirements for granites vary in their uses and have different focuses.

The requirements of raw stone

The building materials industry standards (JC-204-92) The main requirements of natural granite blocks are as follows:

Block must have a rectangular parallelepiped shape. The large block of material should be parallel to the joint surface or pattern of the rock. Block size specifications required length greater than or equal to 140cm, width greater than or equal to 60cm, height greater than or equal to 60cm.

Appearance quality requirements with the same batch of blocks of color, pattern, particle structure should be basically the same. Blocks of missing, missing edges, cracks, color lines, stains, the quality requirements shall comply with the provisions of Table 4.24.6. Physical properties: density of not less than 2.50g / cm3; water absorption of not more than 1.0%; dry compressive strength of not less than 60.0MPa; flexural strength of not less than 8.0MPa.

The requirements of quality

2. On the acid, alkali-resistant granite quality requirements:

(1) the quality requirements of acid-resistant granite The main chemical composition requirements: SiO2> 70% ~ 75%, the higher the content of acid resistance better; Al2O3> 13% ~ 15%; Fe2O3 <0.5%; CaO <0.8%; MgO <0.4 %; Acidity greater than 97.5%. hard. The thermal resistivity (compressive strength after 10 to 40 thermal changes) is greater than 16.2 MPa, the melting point is 1610 ° C., the coefficient of expansion is less than 8 × 10 -3, and the water absorption is less than 1.5%.

(2) Alkali-resistant granite quality requirements require CaO, MgO content is high, the higher the content of alkali resistance, the better, some acid-resistant stone SiO2 content, but the porosity is small, can also be used as alkali-resistant stone. The chemical composition of alkali-tolerant granite products produced by Qingdao Jixishi General Factory is as follows: SiO276.6%, Al2O314.39%, (K2O + Na2O) 9.07%, Fe2O31.14%, CaO1.34%, MgO0.68%.

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