The Advantages Of Using Wire Saw For Cutting Marble

- Sep 05, 2017 -

The advantages of using wire saw machine for cutting marble as follow:

1. Wide adaptability.The wire saw is suitable for all types of mines, while flame cutting is only applicable to marble mines with high quartz content and less cracks.

2. Strong function and high efficiency. The first cutting depth can reach l0 ~ 20m or even deeper, flame cutting is generally only within 10m;Secondly,the cutting speed of wire saw cutting generally can reach 3 ~ 4㎡ / h, is 2 or 3 times of the flame cutting.

3. Wire saw can be vertical,horizontal, slope and other directions of the cutting, but also for blind cutting, and flame cutting can only be vertical cutting.

4. Safety and environmental protection, rope saw mining without noise and dust, it’s not affect the nearby residents and other operations.It has a high degree of automation, separate control and workers labor intensity is low, high security; And flame cutting noise and dust are very large, seriously affecting the nearby residents and other workers homework, and workers labor intensity, security is relatively low. In summary, in the increasingly scarce resources, oil prices soared today, with a rope sawing marble has a significant economic and social benefits.

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