The Applications Of Diamond Wire Saw Products In Stone Mining

- Sep 14, 2017 -


With the diamond cutting wire saw mining with a good geographical space, adaptability, cutting small, fast cutting speed, block size and other advantages, can completely avoid the traditional blasting, flame and other mining methods brought about by the waste of resources, Pollution, energy consumption and other shortcomings, to achieve efficient environmental protection and energy saving green mining.

① Marble mining

Beaded wire saw is the main mining equipment of marble type soft mine. In some mining technology leading marble mines, but also the use of beaded wire saw and split saw machine (or chain split diamond band saw cutting machine) combination of mining methods. Chain split saws are mainly used to cut the bead wire saw inconvenient cutting or cutting efficiency is very low separation surface, such as the separation block and the ore body linked to the vertical back and horizontal bottom surface to comprehensively improve the mining efficiency, is the current exploitation of marble optimization Technology portfolio.

Granite mining

Considering the best performance and mining cost of the beaded wire saw at present, the bead wire is generally used only in one or two vertical sides of the granite separation block connected to the ore body, while the granite The separation of the block and the ore body connected to the vertical back and horizontal bottom, is still by the row of drilling and control blasting combined with the way to separate.

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