The Characteristics of EDM Punching Machine

- Jul 31, 2017 -

Gasoline nozzle, Diesel nozzle CNC microporous processing EDM punching machine using high-frequency vibration and micro-EDM composite processing technology, while improving the efficiency of the hole at the same time improve the surface quality and aperture consistency, is fine at home and abroad products The first of EDM machine tools.

CNC punching machine processing using tungsten wire as the electrode, using a unique into the retracting mechanism to achieve the processing of the electrode servo feed and loss compensation. After the choice of choice, in the processing process can be achieved on the wire wire automatic trimming, improve the roundness and consistency of the hole.

Perforation function processing aperture Φ0.3 ~ Φ6.0mm, the maximum diameter ratio can reach 300: 1 or more.

Processing speed of up to 40 ~ 60mm per minute, the servo stroke 300, can use the long electrode tube, the drug electrode tube 15%.

Can be processed stainless steel, hardened steel, carbide, copper, aluminum and other conductive materials

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