The Classification Of Diamond Saw Blade

- Jan 25, 2018 -

The saw blade for cutting tile commonly is called diamond saw blade. Diamond saw blade is a cutting tool, widely used in concrete, refractory materials, stone, ceramics and other hard and brittle materials processing. How the quality of the process depends on the craftsperson's skills depends on the quality of the diamond saw blade. Our company is not only specialized in diamond tools, but also diamond saw blade manufacturers, this article will give you a brief introduction of diamond saw blade knowledges.

   On the basis of the manufacturing process classification

1, sintered diamond saw blade: It has two kinds :sub-cold pressure sintering and hot-pressed sintering , make by suppression sintered.

2.Welding diamond saw blade: it has sub-high-frequency welding and laser welding , high-frequency welding through the high temperature melting medium

3.Electroplated diamond saw blade: it is put the powder by electroplating method attached to the substrate.

On the basis of the appearance of classification

1, continuous edge saw blade: continuous diamond saw blade usually make by sintering method and used bronze binder as the basis of the carcass material, it must to add water when cutting to ensure the cutting effect, and the use of laser cutting the gap will cut the species.

2, saw blade: It has a faster cutting speed and its suitable for dry and wet cutting methods.

3.Turbine-type saw blade: Combines the advantages of the previous two items 1 and 2, sawtooth continuous turbo-like uniform convex and concave to improve the cutting speed and increase the service life.

Different types of diamond saw blades use different materials, different powder formulations for different material properties, the quality of the product, the effect, the pass rate and even the cost and benefits have a direct impact.

Factors that affect the efficiency and life of the diamond saw blade sawing process parameters and the diamond particle size, concentration, binder hardness and so on. According to the parameters of cutting saw wire speed, sawing depth and feed rate.

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