The Current Market Of Cutting Rock-marble

- Sep 06, 2017 -

The Current Market of Cutting Rock--Marble

1. The relatively chaotic pattern of the marble market (highly liberalized, discretized)

Marble is a natural form of mineral products, mature marble mineral quality (where the quality is not framed, color) is relatively stable, for the basic commercialization of processing technology is not high, so the relative access threshold is low. From the investment point of view, is a very open market, there is no strict need to comply with industry standards, there is no complex patent constraints, entirely by the so-called experience, vision to invest, and this year's marble consumption market growth rate, High return to attract, how much money to walk in the marble market. In this way, the whole market is quite confusing, investment disorder, vicious competition; at the same time the replacement rate of stone players faster than other mature industries.

2. The lack of widely recognized standards, norms

As a high-end consumer goods inside the building materials, complete liberalism, in addition to the shape of environmental protection in the interior decoration outside the norms (marble is a very small number of pure natural green building materials products), why not have a perfect, overall, standardized products and industry standards ?

3. The lack of "people awareness" of the brand

In fact, there are many veteran companies on the market, such as: Conley, Universal, Creek, etc., over the years their business has not only accumulated a lot of technology, but also won the market in general The approval. Even so, consumers choose hard materials, often rarely take into account the marble, on the one hand their contact channels less, its understanding is very small, a little knowledge lead to consumers feel that marble is high-grade building materials, expensive, discouraged. As everyone knows, the original market, most of the marble price discrimination and some of the high-grade tiles similar. Tiles, people can freely say a lot of big brands, but the marble did not hit the cognitive brand, therefore, establish a broad public awareness of the brand imminent, and more practical.

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