The Installation Of Wire Saw Machines’ Wire And Guide Wheel

- Nov 06, 2017 -

The diamond wire saw machine for cutting is a popular equipment in stone cutting and quarrying,now we are pleasure to introduce the installation of the wire saw machine and guide wheel.

1, Before installing the wire saw it have to confirm the direction of the wire saw first, you must ensure that the direction of the arrow on the wire saw is consistent with the sawing direction. Some wire can not see the derection of the arrow on rubberized wire after used, according to the bead on the direction of the diamond particles to identify the direction of wire saw. Insert a wire saw from the drilled hole in the area to be cut. Note: When cutting the vertical plane, the direction and direction of the wire saw must be along the horizontal hole and out through the vertical hole. Cut the horizontal plane according to the actual location to determine the penetration direction, rope saw from new to old, the direction of operation should always be the same. If you wear anti-and use, the entire rope saw will be scrapped.

2, Avoid to mixed use of the new wire saw and the old, it will cause a lot of waste, but also lead to the pause and broken accident.

3, In the connection ,the wire saw must use a special joints connector (gifts), remember to rotate the wire in advance for a certain number of turns before connecting, Rotation direction is the Counterclockwise , the number of turns 1 ~ 3 (circle / m) , According to the use of wire saw, the new rope can be 1 circle / m, the used rope will be based on the degree of use, and gradually increase the number of reverse laps, the maximum can not exceed 3 laps / m, and too much reverse laps will result in fatigue wire rope, causing Beads string move, rope saw will charge. With hydraulic crimping tool has been rotated a certain number of wire saw with a special joints connected to prepare to surround the wire saw drive flywheel.

 Installation of Guide wheel

1. When cutting a large cutting surface, install the guide wheel as shown below and secure it firmly. All guide wheels, drive flywheel, beaded rope and the surface to be cut in the same plane.


2. When cutting the vertical cutting surface, install the guide wheel as shown below. Guide wheel in the initial position after cutting for a period of time, according to the actual situation in a timely manner to move the guide wheel to the middle position and re-fixed firmly to avoid beaded rope cutting guide wheel bracket.


3. When cutting the horizontal cutting surface, install the guide wheel as shown below.


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