The Maintenance Of Diamond Wire Saw Machine

- Nov 03, 2017 -

               The guide of granite quarry machine and all types of stone cutting and mining wire saw machine maintenance, we hope it can help the majority of users,and also hope everybody can give us some opinions and suggestions.

1. Always check the cable, if it damaged, it must be bandaged or replaced  immediately to prevent leakage of electricity.

2. Check the drive flywheel and guide wheel of the polyurethane insert is normal often, if it have a lot of damage, it should be promptly replaced, otherwise it will lead the beads wire can’t normal wear and tear.

3. This equipment is equipped with a dedicated manual lubrication system, the operator must manually pump the lubricant daily to each lubrication point of the equipment

4. Check the main motor heatsink is open every day before starting, if it blocked must be dredged immediately , so as not to affect the cooling of the main motor.

5. During horizontal sawing operation, pay attention to the main motor cooling port waterproof, prevent the cooling water through the cooling port into the main motor and cause a short circuit.

6. Regularly clean the the water and dust on the electric control box, machines body and console, keep the device clean.

7. Keep dry inside of the control box . If not used for a long time, before re-use should be dried.

8. Regularly clean the guide roller and the middle feed roller and apply grease to prevent corrosion.

9. After each sawing operation it should be clean the dirt on the equipment , the equipment should be thoroughly cleaned once a week to prevent dirt rust equipment.

10. Be careful when moving the console and do not forcibly pull the cable. Console should be placed in without rain.

11. The normal operating temperature range of equipment is -15 ° ~ 40 °, it is recommended to use within the temperature range of 0 ° ~ 35 °.

12. Overhaul the equipment annually.

13. Others Please refer to the safety regulations.

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