The Production Of Black Galaxy Gradually Decreased

- Sep 15, 2017 -

"Black galaxy" quarry is located in the town of Chimakurthy in the Ongole area of Andra Pradesh, India, 350 kilometers from the port city of Madras in southeastern India. Take the train from Madras (6 hours trip) to Ongole, then take the road to the mine. In the range of 400 acres, there are 40 quarries, each quarry area between 2-20 acres, and the degree of mechanization is quite high. Its equipment constantly updated, the latest generation of machinery and equipment where it can be seen everywhere. The main problem is the main head of the quarry stone mining a serious shortage of material. In almost all quarries, high-quality mining is very limited, so that the cost of granite mining greatly increased. However, despite the many unfavorable factors, this color of granite production is still relatively high, because it is one of the world's most expensive granite. Most of the mineral deposits are located under the surface. Stone has white or black stripes, almost all quarries have this problem. Over the past few years, these flaws affect the price of stone, but also to reduce the production of quarries.

The black galaxy are granite,we have block cut wire saw and wire saw machine specializes in cutting granite,they cutting with high efficiency and high productivity.

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