The Reason Why the Perforation Speed of EDM Punch is Slow

- Jul 31, 2017 -

General electric spark punching machine This situation is caused by the lack of water pressure, first of all to check the pressure gauge on the pump to see if it is normal, followed by check the rotating head is leaking, or the electrode is not blocked. If the above situation is good, it is necessary to check the pulse parameters of the choice is correct? Is the current parameter selected correctly? Servo adjustment is in place, the general adjustment to the discharge when the average voltage at 25V or so (depending on the size of the material and the electrode may be), there is a possibility that the spark punching machine has a short circuit protection function, if this function has been in a valid state , The current is out of the way, the processing speed is slow, more questions can inquire, or directly to the function of the cancellation (the foot of a manifold block jump) on it.

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