The Solution Of Broken Diamond Wire Saw Cutting For The Stone

- Sep 06, 2017 -

Solution for all types of broken diamond wire saw cutting for the stone situation:the production side and the use of the parties should be used in conjunction with the following ways to solve the early breakage of diamond wire rope saw. ① use high-precision machines, and in the course of the use of maintenance to ensure that the machine performance, increase diamond wire rope saw smooth operation, reduce jitter; ② reduce the amount of knife, transferred to moderate; ③ do not use the diamond rope saw the parked Too long, such as more than six months; ④ stable injection molding quality, to ensure that no bead rotation and movement. Diamond wire saw every time after a period of time to check, if the occasional bead rotation, hammer should be used to break it. ⑤ moderate withholding to reduce the damage of diamond wire saw.

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