The Type Of Sandstone-Quartz Sandstone

- Sep 15, 2017 -

 Sandstone is formed from quartz particles (sand), structurally stable, usually light brown or red, mainly silicon, calcium, clay and iron oxide. Sandstone is a sedimentary rock, mainly composed of grit cement, which sand content of particles to more than half. The vast majority of sandstones are made of quartz or feldspar. Here to introduce the specific type of sandstone.

Quartz sandstone: quartz and siliceous debris content of sand-level debris accounted for more than 95%, only with little or no feldspar, cuttings and heavy minerals. The debris particles are mainly single crystal quartz, grinding roundness and sorting are better, composition maturity and structural maturity are the highest. Less hybrid, particle support. When the hetero> 15% is called quartz miscellaneous sandstone. Quartz sandstone is mainly formed in a stable tectonic setting, the quasi-plain of the terrain, the long-term weathered and eroded products of the mother rock are mostly formed by waves and water waves and repeated abrasion in the ocean (such as the beach) The It is often associated with carbonate deposition, composed of quartz sandstone - sea carbonate construction, such as the northern part of North China platform in the upper Cambrian.

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