The Use And Precautions Of Diamond Beads Wire

- Sep 05, 2017 -

1: The blade is made of sintered diamond beads wire. In the use of a period of time, if the feeling of cutting speed down, take a certain number of refractory tiles neatly placed on the mineral, the blade. 2: cooling the diamond beads wire, must be cooled, otherwise it will burn the beads, serious when the whole diamond bead rope scrapped scrapped. Cooling can be used tap water. The amount of cooling water is best: at the exit of the diamond bead saws, the cooling water is 1.5 to 2 times the diameter of the diamond wire with bead. The operation can be adjusted according to the noise of the cutting and the turbidity of the cooling water. Cooling water is not the better, too much cooling water can easily affect the diamond string saws from the sharp, so that the wire saw slippery; too little cooling water easy to make beads heat, affecting the cutting life.3: cutting parameters:Diamond beads wire is a flexible processing tool, determines the efficiency is lower than the circular saw blade. Therefore, you can not blindly pursue high cutting efficiency. Excessive cutting efficiency easily leads to diamond bead saws broken, blunt and shortened life, and reduce processing accuracy. Normal cutting the amount of knife should be based on stone hardness, working current, the width of the block to make adjustments. The harder the stone, the greater the working current, the wider the block, the lower the speed. 4: Line speed The length of the work line of the diamond bead saw is adjusted according to the actual situation such as the type of stone and the size of the block. The principle is: the harder the stone or the wider the block, the lower the line speed, the line speed is too high will lead to diamond  wire  saw with  bead blunt; too low will lead to beaded oval or cone.5:  diamond spring wire saws of marble for the spring fixed withholding fixed way, must be strictly in accordance with the correct requirements of the rope and use to ensure the safety of production.

Special precautions:The wire saw operator must wear a helmet when cutting and entering the working area using a diamond wire with bead. when the equipment is in normal operation, the operator is kept away from the equipment, paying high attention to the normal operation of the equipment and the diamond bead rope saw. To ensure safe production!

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