Thread Cutting of the Taper

- Jul 31, 2017 -

If you find the location of the hole through the hole, and the coordinates of the coordinates of the program. The method is to move the XY axis and wear the molybdenum wire into the threading hole to ensure that it is not short-circuited (the voltage meter is indicated as 5V). If the current machining program is not terminated, use "manual machining" to the current hole Coordinate, and then turn off the "manual processing" window, move the machine X or Y axis, the amount of movement can be greater than 0.001mm, and then click the discharge processing interface back to the pause point, according to the manual box green processing keys to start processing.

The problem of cutting the taper in the thread cutting

In order to reduce this error, the graphics can be rotated by 45 °, so that X, Y axis linkage, then the error can be greatly reduced; the other one Kind of method is in the case of the workpiece to allow the transition in the corner of the round circle.

Due to the existence of a small transition circle and the formation of cutting, cutting, "overcut or radius of the arc is too large" alarm ----- can change the "workpiece thickness" of the taper cutting parameters.

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