Travertine Blocks And Travertine Cutting

- Oct 18, 2017 -

Travertine, also known as porcelain, belongs to limestone and marble, is a porous rock, so people usually call it travertine. The travertine belongs to the continental sedimentary rocks, which are sediments of calcium carbonate. Most of the travertine is formed in the calcium carbonate-rich limestone terrain, is dissolved in water calcium carbonate and other minerals deposited in the river bed, lake and other places and the formation. Because of the accumulation of porosity in the process of heavy accumulation, and because of its own main component is calcium carbonate, itself is easy to be dissolved in water corrosion, so these deposits will appear in many natural irregular holes.

As the lime block can be divided into a marble, it can also be used for cutting marble tools to cut, if it is for mining,it can choose rubberized wire saw, if it is used for factory or blocks cutting, you can use plastic wire saw or spring wire saw for cutting, in the factory processing, the plastic wire saw is the best choice to cutting travertine tiles  or blocks, because the plastic wire saw toughness better, and the wire saws’ diameter is smaller, if it use of plastic wire saw cutting,it can be save more stone raw materials and get more of stone products.

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