Welding Precautions

- Jul 31, 2017 -

(1) welding operations and with the staff must be required to wear protective equipment. And must take measures to prevent accidents such as electric shock, fire and other accidents. The same time as

(2) The welder should be placed indoors and should be reliably grounded or connected to zero. Weld wire length should not be greater than 30m, when the need to extend the wire, the corresponding increase in the cross-section of the wire. When more than one pair of welding machine installed side by side, the distance between each other shall not be less than 3m, should be connected to the different phase of the grid, and should have their own knife switch. The same time as

(3) within 10m of the welding site, shall not be stacked oil, wood, oxygen cylinders, acetylene generator and other flammable, explosive materials. The same time as

(4) before the operation, should check and confirm the pressure of the welding machine flexible, fixture firm, air pressure, hydraulic system without leakage, all normal, before welding. The same time as

(5) before welding, should be welded according to the section of reinforced steel, adjust the secondary voltage, shall not be welded more than the diameter of the welder reinforced bars. The same time as

(6) the contact point of the circuit breaker, the electrode should be regularly grinding, the secondary circuit all the bolts should be fastened. Cooling water temperature does not exceed 40 ℃, the displacement should be adjusted according to temperature.

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