What Are Feldspar Sandstone And Rockstone Sandstone?

- Sep 15, 2017 -

Feldspar sandstone: feldspar clumps account for more than 25% of the total debris level. Which quartz content <75%, can contain more mica and heavy minerals. The cement is mainly calcium and iron, often containing clay. When the hetero> 15%, it is feldspar miscellaneous sandstone. Detritus particles are generally sorted, rounded medium. Feldspar sandstone often light yellow, meat or green ash and other colors. Feldspar sandstone can be divided into three types according to its formation conditions, namely, feldspar sandstone, basal feldspar sandstone and climax feldspar sandstone. Feldspar sandstone is generally in the tectonic movement is relatively strong areas, the mother rock is granite or granite gneiss, the climate is dry and cold, mainly to the physical weather, in the strong erosion and rapid accumulation of conditions formed. Mostly for the continent, the sea into the less. Often stacked in the piedmont or mountain basin. It has been found that many feldspar sandstones are formed in the continental rift. Hebei Tangshan Sinian produced feldspar sandstone, of which feldspar can be more than 50%.

Rockstone sandstone: cuttings accounted for more than 25% of the total amount of sand debris. The quartz content of <75%, and can contain a small amount of feldspar (<10%), heavy mineral content is high, and the type of complex. Cement is often siliceous and carbonate, often containing impurities. When the hetero> 15%, it is a cuttings of sandstone. The roundness and sorting of detrital particles are from medium to poor. Often light gray, gray to dark gray. The lithic composition is closely related to the nature of the parent rock in the source area, and the rock type can be further divided according to the cuttings. Rockstone sandstone is a kind of sandstone with low maturity and low maturity. It is mainly formed in the piedmont or mountain depression of tectonic fluctuating zone.

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