What Are The Advantages Of Using Diamond Wire Saws Cutting Granite Rock?

- Sep 11, 2017 -

What are the advantages of using diamond wire saws cutting granite rock? Diamond bead rope saw is a high energy efficient stone equipment,widely used in the industry. So what are the advantages of diamond saws, why is it widely used? Many customers dont understand it clearly,now we analyze the introduction for you.  

Compared with other diamond tools, diamond wire saws are flexible tools, which can be used not only for cutting straight, but also cutting profiled sheet; not subject to the surface shape of the object, the workplace is simple, can be large area cutting; Improve resource utilization, and reduce environmental pollution. With these advantages, the market size is growing, more and more widely used. With the progress of technology, the use of powder granulation technology and automatic cold pressing technology, can greatly improve the production efficiency of diamond wire saws;Such as hot isostatic pressing technology, diamond orientation technology, brazing technology and other new technology, The large-scale use of high-performance diamond wire saws is of great significance to improve the utilization of stone resources, reduce the cutting costs per unit area and protect the ecological environment. The diamond saws can greatly improve the overall performance of the rope saws.


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