What Are The Factors About Restricting The Life Of Cutting Granite Slabs Diamond Wire Saws?

- Sep 11, 2017 -

What are the factors about restricting the life of cutting granite slabs diamond wire saws.Diamond bead rope saw is a high energy efficient stone equipment,widely used in the industry. Bead is an important part of the wire saw, the impact on the production is very great.What are the constraints on the life of the diamond rope saws? Many customers don’t understand it clearly,now we analyze the introduction for you.  

Usually bead can be gradually run out. But in terms of the rope itself,can work or can not work, it means that sooner or later the rope will break. If the saw rope is broken due to insufficient fatigue strength, and the break is to be repaired, the rope will soon break at the other. It can be said that the key factor of the diamond wire saw is the rope life. It is not a success factor for getting orders, but is a key factor in qualifying. The life of the rope depends on many factors, sometimes associated with the rope saw machine, and some with the rope saw production methods.

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